My Funny Valentine #1

I actually like Valentine’s Day. Which is rare for a singleton. I love the role of bemused bystander, watching the girls in work expectantly waiting all day for a show of affection from their loved one, or spotting couples after work through restaurant windows sitting in uncomfortable silence with each other as they struggle to think of something to say.

Valentine’s Day this year will be spent like many others; by myself. Thankfully, my mother no longer spends the postage on sending me a card with ill-disguised handwriting. As well meaning as the gesture was, the charade of pretending I received a card from a secret admirer was getting a little tired by the time I hit my thirties.

This year, I’ve decided to mark the occasion by sharing a golden sample of my illustrious dating experiences leading up to the big day itself.

Today’s story is Fishgate.



I was fifteen the first time I received a dozen red roses. I didn’t really fancy R, the boy who sent them, but he was smitten with me and told me so through the language of flowers. The only time I remember having a date with him involved me going round to his very large family house. He grandly showed me every single room, including the well stocked wine cellar during which he made his move. Unfortunately, that evening, he’d had fish for dinner and had neglected to clean his teeth afterwards. Our romance was short-lived.

Tomorrow’s story is Fringe Benefits


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10 responses to “My Funny Valentine #1

  1. Mum

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s “Fringe Benefits”. Will it be a hair-raising tale?

  2. Love reading your blog Salibenit! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. X

  3. Gary

    Well, it seems you haven’t forgotten everything about the boys from your youth!!

  4. Anna Hogan

    Sally your first book is on the way. (Was write a book on your list? I’m sure it was!) St Valentine is very much alive in Beijing with the usual large soft toys and dinners. I don’t know why I was surprised with this. x

    • Well I AM surprised at that! Cos it’s not really a festival to do with food, just chocolates and flowers. Happy Chinese New Year btw. I really need to dig that list out and cross off a few things although I no longer desire to have the basic working knowledge of German 🙂 xx

  5. Sally, this is brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable to read, I would like your next valentine blog to include the well known song ‘come on Eileen’.xxx

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